Pyraminx Carbon Fibre Speed Cube

Pyraminx Carbon Fibre Speed Cube

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A POINTY TWIST! The Pyraminx Carbon Fibre Cube transforms the classic speed cube formula into a fiendishly addictive puzzle. Each of the four colourful sides of the pyramid can be turned, mixed up and rearranged in millions of combinations. 

TOP QUALITY: Built from solid and safe materials, the 10cm Pyraminx Carbon Fibre Cube boasts smooth cornering, bright colours and a solid grip. Anti-pop design and fluid rotation makes each piece turn easily and quickly.

MIND BENDING GIFT: This addictive puzzle is small, lightweight and easy to carry. It’s perfect for beginners and experts. 

MADE BY MOYU: Professional speedcubers rely on Moyu cubes to get the best results. They’re the world leader in competitive speed cubes and offer unrivalled performance. 

MASTER NEW SKILLS: Solving this puzzle develops spatial awareness, memory retention and colour matching skills. It’s a great way to enjoy solving puzzles while learning new talents.

  • Type: Pyraminx
  • Brand: Moyu 
  • Size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm

This speed cube is made by Moyu the world leader in competitive speed cubes. The current 3x3x3 world record was done on a Moyu branded cube. 

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