LCD board - Blue
LCD board - Blue

LCD board - Blue

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Introducing our innovative 9-inch USB-charging LCD boards with a vibrant rainbow display and a versatile dual-tip stylus, ideal for writing and drawing. These boards are perfect for classrooms, homes, and on-the-go use. They're a modern take on the classic etch-a-sketch, featuring a user-friendly delete button in unlock mode, reducing frustration for learners. The back lock/unlock button allows for effortless screen clearing, making it suitable for various activities, from math to games. Additionally, it serves as a communication tool for those with hearing or speech difficulties. Features include a rounded dual-tip stylus, USB charging, and user-friendly care instructions. It's a lightweight, portable solution.

  • Maintain the product within a temperature range of -5 to 40 degrees Celsius and avoid leaving it in a hot car.
  • Steer clear of using sharp objects or sticky materials on the screen to prevent damage.
  • Prevent drops to ensure the longevity of the device.
  • Avoid immersing the board in water; instead, use a soft dry cloth for cleaning.
  • The board weighs approximately 115 grams, making it lightweight and portable for on-the-go use.

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