Playstix Bucket 400 pieces
Playstix Bucket 400 pieces
Playstix Bucket 400 pieces
Playstix Bucket 400 pieces
Playstix Bucket 400 pieces
Playstix Bucket 400 pieces

Playstix Bucket 400 pieces

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The unique ribbed design of the Playstix building pieces allows builders to not only stack them one over the other, they can also snap them together in a way that holds everything in place.

Open up the idea book and start with the basics like boxes, buildings, and bridges. The pieces easily stack and fall into place, much like the classic log-building sets.

Then, keep reading to discover the special "Snap and Lock" feature where you'll learn how to make structures that don't fall apart when you pick them up.

Once you learn the tricks, the construction fun never stops!

Keep flipping through the pages to build over fifty amazing models including a two-story cabin, a race car with rolling wheels, a robot with bendable limbs, a helicopter with a spinning rotor, and more.

The vivid pictures and colour-coded pieces make every model easy and fun to build!

Watch as the bendy pieces bring your creatures to life, the foam wheels and propellers make your machines move fast, and the feet and head pieces add that perfect touch of creature character.

By the end of the booklet, you'll be more than ready to unleash your creativity and explore the true limits of your construction imagination!

Complete with 400 pieces, endless inspiration, and a big strong box to keep it all in, the Playstix Super Set is a creative construction thrill that simply does not stop.

Playstix Super Set

· Extensive collection of unique construction sticks and accessories

· Encourages fine motor dexterity, visual-spatial skills, logic, creativity

· Unending construction thrills in a box!

· Pieces stack and fall into place, much like classic log-building sets

· Unique Snap-and-Lock technique - Holds structures together strong

· Sticks color coded to indicate size - Easy to follow pictured instructions

· Use bendy sticks to build poseable creatures - Head pieces bring creatures to life

· Use foam wheels and propellers to build moving vehicles

· Includes 38 2-ridge sticks, 60 4-ridge sticks, 80 6-ridge sticks, 70 8-ridge sticks, 60 10-ridge sticks, 20 12-ridge sticks, 20 14-ridge sticks, 8 medium bendable sticks, 8 large bendable stick, 10 small wheels, 10 large wheels, 6 propellers, dog head piece, moose head piece, 4 hand pieces, 4 foot pieces

· Detailed instructions and idea book included - 50 structures to build

· Packaged in sturdy storage box with lid, handle, sliding lock

· High quality materials for lasting durability

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