Tactile Therapy Ring
Tactile Therapy Ring

Tactile Therapy Ring

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Introducing the Sensory Therapy Rings - Your Ultimate Relaxation and Hand Therapy Tool!

Experience a world of soothing sensations with our specially designed Sensory Therapy Rings, crafted to provide a gentle and calming touch while offering an excellent grip for your hand therapy needs. These rings are the perfect sensory tool for relaxation, stress relief, and hand strengthening exercises.


  1. Textured Surface: The rings come with a pleasantly textured surface that offers a comforting tactile experience, promoting relaxation and sensory stimulation.

  2. Twist and Throw: Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of twisting and throwing the rings, enhancing sensory feedback and providing a fun and engaging experience.

  3. Aquatic Adaptability: The Sensory Therapy Rings are designed to float and sink gracefully in water, making them an ideal addition to aquatic therapy sessions. Feel the stress melt away as you use them in the pool or bathtub.

  4. Set of 4 Rings: Each set includes four delightful colors - Light Blue, Purple, Orange, and Lime Green.


  • Diameter: Each ring measures 15.5 cm in diameter, providing ample space for your fingers to explore and enjoy the tactile sensations.

  • Thickness: With a thickness of 3 cm, the rings fit comfortably in your palm, allowing you to grip them securely during therapy or relaxation sessions.

The Sensory Therapy Rings are perfect for people of all ages seeking relaxation, stress relief, or hand therapy exercises. Whether you're at home, in the office, or even in the water, these rings will be your constant companion in your journey towards tranquility and improved hand dexterity.

Get your set of Sensory Therapy Rings today and indulge in a calming sensory experience like never before!

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