Time Timer 30cm
Time Timer 30cm

Time Timer 30cm

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The 30cm Time Timer will become the heart of your classroom or board room.
Students learn more when teachers are able to spend more time teaching instead of refereeing. Meetings stay on track when everyone in the room knows how much time is left.

At the front of the room or hanging on a wall, the disappearing red disk on our largest timer is used by teachers and business professionals around the world to:

  • Increase productivity by breaking projects/meeting topics into time managed segments
  • Keep meetings and appointments on schedule
  • Reduce Time Stress and Anxiety Eg Ease testing anxiety as students are able to see at a glance how much time is left
  • Reduce Conflict over shared resources Though visual time management of time allocation for resources
  • Manage speakers, presentations and breaks at large events

30cm (12-inch) Time Timer features:

  • Patented red disk that disappears as time elapses
  • No ticking, no distractions, no setup required
  • Optional audible signal when time is up
  • Free-standing or wall-mounted options

Benefits for Children
Time Timers are especially beneficial to help children clearly visualise a set amount of time and help them understand, "how much longer". No other teaching aid reinforces the concept of elapsed time like the teacher-tested Time Timer.

  • They help teach the concept of time;
  • Train students to time manage and track duration of activities;
  • Help Visualise Time Limits (E.G. for time out, or for computer time, or until an event, like dinner).

How they work
You simply spin the button to the required length of time (up to one hour) - the photo depicts 40 minutes - and turn it on. The clocks red section will decrease as the minutes expire, and the clock will beep when the time runs out (you can turn beep off).

The disappearing red disk allows users to see time elapsing.

Battery: 1 X AA battery (not supplied). IMPORTANT : Battery must be Alkaline 1.5V or will not work

Mounting: This Time Timers is designed to operate free standing or wall mounted.

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